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Established in the year of 2021, we “ Rasayan Impex Private Limited ” are on the path to be a leading, Exporter of an extensive array of Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals and water treatment Chemicals.

Mr. Niranjan Laheja Rajagopalan has assisting us in attaining a top standing in the market. His enormous market information has aided us in garnering an enormous customer support across the country. Along with this, it is due to of his motivation and inspiration that we have been accomplished of serving with our patrons in the best possible manner.

Passion for Excellence

We work intimately with customers to understand their unique needs and priorities. We listen carefully and respond quickly to organizational needs, considering all perspectives – from first line chemists to top management.

Quality Assurance

We offer uncompromising international quality products at competitive prices. We believe that nothing short of top quality and consistency would satisfy our customers.

Our Products

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

    The most important chemical property of Hydrogen Peroxide is its ability to provide.....

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  • SLES 70%

    Used in wetting agent formulations, liquid detergents, cleaners, shampoos, dish....

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  • Labsa 90%

    is chiefly used in the detergent industry for the manufacture of washing powder....

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  • Caustic Soda 99%

    Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound.....

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  • Citric Acid

    Because of its acidic, sour-tasting nature, citric acid is predominantly used.....

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  • Acetic Acid

    industrially, acetic acid is used in the preparation of metal acetates,.....

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  • Soda Ash Light

    oda Ash Light is used for production of detergents, chemicals, soaps,.....

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  • Cocodiethanolamine ( cdea)

    It is a viscous liquid and is used as a foaming agent in bath products like ....

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  • Carboxymethyl Cellulose

    High purity grades are employed as food additives [4] also known as cellulose gum.....

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  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl alcohol is mixed with water for use as a rubbing-alcohol antiseptic....

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  • Sodium Hypochlorite

    Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is most frequently used as a disinfecting agent.....

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  • Sodium Silicate

    Sodium silicates are used in industry as adhesives, detergents, ingredients.....

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  • Sodium Metasilicate

    Sodium metasilicate is used in fireproofing mixtures; in laundry, dairy, metal,.....

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  • Trisodium Phosphate

    Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na3PO4......

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  • Copper Sulphate

    Copper sulfate is used as a fungicide, algaecide, root killer, and herbicide in both.....

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  • Rock Alum

    A flocculating agent in the purification of drinking water and waste water treatment.....

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Our Core Values consistently remind us of Human dignity and what is expected out of us







  Quality of Products & Service



Our vision sets the direction for our moves

  • To explore new horizons as a front runner in the Global market, by remaining focused on chosen business segments.
  • To establish ourselves as a group that cares, and is known for excellent and innovated products for human healthcare.
  • To establish our position in Global market.


Our mission decides the milestones and helps us organizing our resources

  • To emerge as a Multidimensional Company.
  • To constantly work towards achieving more smiles on the faces of masses.
  • To review our strengths regularly so as to meet the national and international challenges effectively.
  • To always strive for excellent relations with our suppliers, customers, employees and beneficiaries.



Established in the year of 2021, we “ Rasayan Impex Private Limited ” are the leading, Exporter of an extensive array of Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals and water treatment Chemicals.

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